Multi UK And USA VPN Service | BTVAVPN

BTVAVPN Multi UK & USA VPN Service

If you are travelling abroad or maybe you are an Expat using public WIFI hotspots, our VPN network will give you total web browsing privacy and increased Internet security.

When you visit any website, your real IP address is normally recorded within the website server logs or analytics, allowing the webmaster to know where you are located. When you connect to one of the servers on our network, your IP address changes to that of the server you connect to, so that your current real location can not be found.

Not only does our VPN service hide your IP address, it encrypts your data preventing access to your personal files by ways of hacking through an unsecured WIFI hotspot.

A VPN service is a “must have” for anyone who relies on public WIFI hotspots or unsecured networks to access the Internet. BTVAVPN offers over 20 high speed servers located in data centres around the world, including 6 UK and 6 USA servers in our VPN network. We maintain our servers to the highest standard and never oversell, keeping you connected at the highest speeds possible. All of our servers are available as standard and at no extra charge with any of our VPN service plans.

VPN “virtual private network: a network that uses the internet to transfer information using secure methods.”